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Guide to Fall Composting

The key to successful composting is maintaining a healthy balance of nitrogen-rich “green” material and carbon-rich “brown” material. For the GEOBIN® Composter, we recommend a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 3:1. During the winter, spring, and summer months, many people … Continue reading

GEOBIN Composter Coloring Contest

Are you looking for creative at-home learning opportunities to keep your kids engaged while schools are closed? Now is the perfect time to teach them about composting! Incorporating composting into your child’s curriculum will not only provide a valuable science … Continue reading

Freshly Brewed Compost

Written By: Jennifer Vander Linden, Product Manager Did you know that drinking coffee could benefit your garden and enrich your compost pile? Lets DIG IN to see how coffee grounds go from that ‘Cup of Joe’ to your luscious gardens—all … Continue reading

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