Free Compost Kit Helps Municipalities Launch Backyard Composting Programs

The GEOBIN® Municipal Compost Program Guide

The GEOBIN® Municipal Compost Program Guide shows how the GEOBIN® can save municipalities money

To reduce overflowing landfills and the rising costs of waste management tipping fees, more public works professionals are starting to adopt municipal backyard composting programs. For the busy public works manager, researching the best program for their community can be a big undertaking.

The GEOBIN® Compost System can help. To see how, one Municipal Backyard Composting Kit is offered free to waste management professionals around the country starting today. Each kit includes:

  • One GEOBIN® Compost Bin
  • The 1-2-3 Composting Guide – Shows municipalities how easy it is to set up a backyard compost program.
  • Access to the ComPost Municipal News E-Newsletter – Includes best practices and money saving tips from program managers from around the country.
  • A Cost Savings Spreadsheet – Helps municipalities determine their cost savings by starting a backyard composting program.

To receive the Municipal Backyard Composting Kit by mail, public works professionals should visit or call at 800-548-3424. Bulk pricing programs available. Contact us today and see how a backyard composting program can help your community.

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