The GEOBIN Helps Waynesboro, VA Composting Program Soar

A Waynesboro, VA man and his Geobin

Waynesboro, VA Geobin User demonstrating how it works

GEOBIN Helps Virginia Composting Program Soar

Recently, Waynesboro, Virginia’s Public Works Department implemented the GEOBIN® Composting System for their pilot composting program. City officials were pleased that their first GEOBIN shipment quickly ran out and a waiting list needed to be implemented.

Waynesboro is employing a composting program in an effort to reduce waste from their local landfills. “35 percent of waste that ends up in a landfill is organic, meaning it could have been composted” said Jennifer Allen, Erosion & Sediment Control Administrator for Waynesboro Public Works. The inexpensive GEOBIN composting units pay for themselves in avoided tipping fees and the compost they create is an added benefit for the citizens.

Allen also went on to say that over the next five years she’s hoping to have a 20 percent participation rate in Waynesboro, VA.

For more information on the Waynesboro, VA Composting Program, Click Here

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