GEOBIN® is Proud to Support REAL School Gardens

'Flinging' Food at the GEOBIN® Compost System

‘Flinging’ Food at the GEOBIN® Compost System

The GEOBIN® Compost System is proud to support REAL School Gardens. REAL School Gardens is a national non-profit that builds learning gardens and outdoor classrooms in low-income elementary schools. REAL School Gardens then spends three-years training teachers on how to use a garden to improve academic instruction. Because in addition to getting kids active outside, and connecting them with fresh fruits and vegetables, learning gardens help children learn Math, Science, and Language Arts lessons.

Alison Risso, Director of Marketing & Communications for REAL School Gardens, discussed how this type of program can help students, stating that, “Studies have shown that children are more focused and engaged when they’re learning hands-on lessons outside. Students show more self-direction and they work better in teams (in this type of environment).” The REAL School Gardens program, in particular, has also been shown to double teacher effectiveness and job satisfaction. REAL School Gardens currently serves more than 100 schools, in 10 districts, from Dallas, TX to Washington D.C.

This past September, the non-profit participated in an online fundraising contest called North Texas Giving Day. Every year, thousands of non-profits in North Texas band together to encourage residents to support their favorite cause with an online donation. During last year’s contest, REAL School Gardens staff ate a bug for every $1,000 raised. This year, for every donation they received, they used a giant slingshot to shoot compostable material across a field into a bin. Along the way, children learned fun lessons about projectiles and composting. To help support this event, we provided a GEOBIN® for the D.C. office to use as a target.

In the end, this event was a huge success and raised more than $16,000 in donations, which triggered hundreds of extra dollars to be received in matching funds.

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