The GEOBIN® composting system presents ‘How to Compost’

Welcome to your online resource for getting started with composting. In addition to the tips below and on the GEOBIN instruction sheet (download a pdf now), click on valuable links that will help you get the most from your composting.

What to Compost?

  • Kitchen scraps such as vegetables, eggshells, fruit peeling, and coffee grounds
  • Garden and yard material such as grass clippings, leaves, annual plants, and vegetables
  • Manure from plant-eating animals only (NOT from household pets)
  • Cardboard (including the GEOBIN box)
  • DO NOT COMPOST: bones, meat scraps, dairy, twigs/branches

How to Compost?

  • Alternate layers of organic waste, separating layers with non-glossy newsprint
  • Keep moist (not WET, but MOIST—like a squeezed out sponge)
  • Turn every 4-6 weeks to aid aeration
  • Add thin layers of soil to improve the process

Guide to Backyard Composting

Download Your “Guide to Backyard Composting”

Growing Potatoes?

Try the GEOBIN for growing your potatoes! It’s easy! Just fill the bin with soil and plant. When it’s time to harvest your potatoes, unfasten the bin and gather your potatoes.

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