Municipality Value

“The City of Waynesboro Public Works Department in collaboration with the local chapter of the Rotary Club purchased and distributed GEOBINs to residents that were eager to begin composting.  The GEOBIN was chosen given the ease of installation, manageable size and municipal bulk-pricing.  20 residents agreed to participate in a seven-week pilot study that only required using the bin then allowing a visual inspection. Upon inspection all the participants were using the bins for leaves, food scraps, ashes, newspapers and yard wastes.  The participants appreciated the simplicity of the GEOBIN Composting System, which made backyard composting seem more achievable.”

Jennifer L. Allen - ESC Program Administrator

Waynesboro, VA

Ease of Use/Utility

“I was searching for a solid compost bin, and I think I’ve found it: the GEOBIN Compost Bin. For those of you looking for a quick and easy solution that’s tidy and gets it done, I really think this one works.”

“I have been very pleased with the original style GEOBIN.  I actually have 6 of them and they are currently active at Rosedale Community Garden.  I personally find the size just right for composting.  I have a compost crank that I use in the piles and this helps me aerate the bins as needed.  The bigger piles that we have need to be turned with fork and wheelbarrow.  This is very laborious.  The GEOBIN can be worked by people who have physical limitations. They are the perfect size for teaching the art of composting.  Several people can stand around the bin and get a close up look of what is going on in the pile. “

Syd Uphoff

“As a composter for 36 years who has used anything available to hold my kitchen scraps, dried plant stalks, leaves, dirt, grass clippings, etc., I must say that purchasing the GEOBIN at a local Eco-fair introduced me to a fabulous product. While piling up, layering and tending to organic matter yields for me much compost each year, I find the GEOBIN to provide qualities that really help the process. This has led me to spread the word and encourage others to purchase these affordable, attractive and efficient compost pile enclosures. The black color seems to speed up the decomposition. The many holes allow air in. The adjustibility of the size of the cylinder is great, as is the ease of setting it up. The
lightweight plastic is durable yet very manageable which helps when I am turning the compost. For more public areas, this compost enclosure lends itself to a more demur appearance than a wire enclosure, or a frame of palettes. Since I compost at a church and at the headquarters for an urban agriculture collective on a busy street, the appearance is a factor, and I so appreciate this product.”

(Ms.) Mo Nichols

“I liked the GEOBIN so much I bought two! It’s a dead simple design and very durable. I use mine in the Arizona desert and have not had any cracking or warping in a couple of years.

If you keep up with your compost pile, you can make dirt very fast with this as it has all the ventilation you need. One tip: if you live in a dry, hot climate, put it in at least partial shade. That saves on moisture loss. Otherwise, be sure to give it the water it needs.

No issues with pets or rodents getting into it either. I highly recommend them as they fit into any budget.”

John W.

Mesa, AZ

“I liked the GEOBIN Composting System so much that I bought two more at our local hardware store.  The GEOBINs are made of recycled plastic and a new rolled up GEOBIN, in its package, can be carried home on a bicycle rack.

These bins are sizable.  When I first started composting I made the bin about 2 feet in diameter and then as I got more material I expanded it over time so that now all three of my bins are at maximum capacity.  The bins are also easy to move (not when they are full of course) around in your garden as your plans change.

I’m very happy with the GEOBIN system.  I appreciate it’s simplicity, flexibility, ease of use, and environmental friendliness.”

Kate McDonald

Davis, CA

“As a gardener who focuses on the soil I understand the importance of compost. As a community leader I am aware of the importance of recycling naturally. And most important to me is finding a formula that keeps it simple. From my introduction to you many growing seasons ago until now, GEOBIN® Composting System has exceeded my expectations and is the only solution to a complex science.”

M A Cramer

M A Cramer St. John Indiana Garden Club

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