Using the GEOBIN® Compost Bin

Composting saves you money and is good for the environment. Biodegradation is a natural process that changes compostable material to organic fertilizer that conditions the soil. By turning your own waste materials into nourishing compost, you’ll keep them out of landfills and will be doing your part to reduce impacts to our Earth. Learn more at How To Compost. GEOBIN compost bins make it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits of composting.

3 Steps to Set-up

  1. Open the box and locate compost bin, assembly hardware, and instruction sheet  [Download Instruction Sheet (PDF)].
  2. Open and expand your GEOBIN unit to the desired diameter.
  3. Connect and secure the GEOBIN circle with the closure keys. Your composter is now ready to use!

Why the GEOBIN Composter?

  • Expandable: 2-3.75 feet (216 gallon/36 inches tall)
  • Holds 20 cubic feet
  • Design retains heat and moisture
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Decomposition is accelerated
  • Recycle valuable organic resources
  • Lowest cost composting system on the market
  • Product/Shipping Specifications







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