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Affordable Compost Bin

For over ten years, the Geobin® composter has been a top-selling compost bin due to its best-in-class value. The Geobin compost bin is the most affordable compost bin on the market; is easy to set-up, has the largest capacity and just plain works.

We know that composting enthusiasts have a wealth of information, tips and tricks and the compost community loves to share information. To make sharing easier, we’ve created this composting blog for you as an easy outlet to talk about all things composting.

We’ll discuss any and everything composting, including; industry trends, links to composting articles, how-to videos, feature guest bloggers and more.

Have a blog topic idea, or an overall suggestion for our blog? We’d love to hear it – make sure to reach out to us via our social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and we’ll definitely consider all ideas.

We support composting discussions at all levels, so don’t be afraid to ask basic questions or to participate with pontifications of process permutations. Either way, we will all grow our knowledge together and improve our environment while having a little fun.

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