Why Every Municipality Should Have a Backyard Composting Program

By: William G. Handlos, PE

With the average landfill tipping fee rising to over $50 per ton, and with pickup and hauling costs rising every year, a low-cost backyard composting program just makes sense. About one-third of household waste is currently recycled, but very little of the recyclables are food scraps. In fact, 20% of all waste that goes into the landfill is food scraps.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for municipalities to save money – while doing the right thing. Whether tipping fees, hauling equipment or labor costs are tax-funded or privately billed to the homeowner – constituents can see a reduction in their annual costs, while producing nutrient-rich compost for their gardens.

Elected Officials, Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinators, and Public Works Directors all could benefit from a program facilitated by free or subsidized compost bins disseminated to homeowners.

If you are reading this blog, check with your municipality to see what the elected officials are doing to save residents money through municipality-organized backyard composting programs.

Share the below video with your municipal professionals and elected officials.

GEOBIN Backyard Municipality Program

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